Paracord Addiction

How We Got Started : I was visiting a local craft fair and spotted what was advertised as a legal self defense weapon that anyone can purchase "on-the-spot".  This attracted my attention and had to take a closer look for myself.  Much to my surprise it was called a monkey fist made from paracord with an interesting pattern wrapped around a 1 inch steel ball and was 12 inches long with a key ring at the top.  The more I looked at it, the more I became fascinated with it's design.  This had to be something that every person should have with them at all times.  What a simple idea for your keys to be able to be attached to this monkey fist.

                      Monkey Fist Self Defense Key Chain        

 Well, as you can see at our site at we specialize in hand crafted paracord monkey fist key chains that are designed for a number of purposes, including self-defense.  A monkey fist basically is a steel ball wrapped in a thick heavy duty paracord.  The best ones have a 1 inch steel ball wrapped in 550 lb., 7 strand military grade paracord.  The front end of the monkey fist (the ball) is called a monkey fist knot.  It's a specific tying procedure that securely holds the steel ball in and creates a fist.  Monkey fists that only contain one strand holding the fist on the end of the unit are typically weaker and have the ability to break off.  Along with self-defense, a monkey fist is also a fantastic survival tool. 

Because the unit has nylon strands within the outer paracord it can easily be cut and the strands pulled out.  Imagine being in an emergency situation where you need to quickly start a fire.  Because paracord is waterproof the strands will easily catch on fire when removed and lit.  In fact, the strands are a perfect fire starter and, of course, you would want to then add small twigs, sticks and even as the fire grows, add logs. 

Of course you can also simply use this monkey fist to hold your keys!  Since it weights only about 3 ounces it won't be too heavy to carry around as a key chain.  Having your keys on the unit also allows you to have something to hold onto if you ever get in a self-defense situation.

The inspiration continues...  

Keep in mind we do not advocate violence here and only believe this monkey fist should be used in self-defense and only in a truly life threatening situation.